Storage Accounts

Storage Accounts

Delaware Depository® offers a variety of depository storage and reporting arrangements to meet the wide range of operational and custody needs of its customers. 

At Delaware Depository, all precious metal assets are held off-balance sheet in fully allocated, individually-identified custody accounts.  Customers have the option of selecting either segregated or non-segregated storage arrangements.

With segregated storage, bullion is inspected, packaged, labeled, and stored in high-security vaults, physically separate and apart from the bullion of other customers.  Due to the significant labor and substantial space requirements of segregated storage, the cost of segregated storage is more than the cost of non-segregated storage.  However, customers are assured that they will receive back the same exact bars or coins that were originally deposited. 

With non-segregated storage, fungible bullion products which, by nature, are commercially interchangeable, are inspected and stored in high-security vaults.  Frequent recurring audits and independently-audited internal controls ensure that all bullion is properly accounted for and securely stored.  Customers that choose non-segregated storage benefit from significant cost savings because bullion is securely stored in bulk.

Regardless of the storage arrangement selected, customers may transfer or take delivery of their bullion at any time.

Non-Commercial Storage Rates