Delaware Depository is an Exchange-approved, precious metals depository providing a full range of specialized precious metals custody, accounting and shipping services. Customers include IRA custodians, investment banks, brokerage firms, refiners, manufacturers, commodity trading houses, major retailers, coin dealers and individual investors.

About Delaware Depository

Delaware Depository delivers comprehensive global services for precious metals bullion. Additionally, we excel in secure storage, seamless internal transfers, and efficient shipping for various bullion forms. Moreover, our commitment extends to personalized customer service and essential accounting support. This includes deposit/withdrawal confirmations, inventory reports, and streamlined shipping management.

Delaware Depository Facility
One of our secure Delaware storage facilities.

Located strategically in Delaware, our facilities are distanced from prominent political and financial centers in Washington DC and New York City, yet well-connected to major transportation hubs. Delaware’s inherent resilience to natural disasters and absence of sales tax on precious metals storage makes it a prime choice. Furthermore, there are no corporate net worth, personal inventory, or transfer taxes applied to bullion transactions.

Delaware Depository proudly bears licenses from the CME Group (COMEX and NYMEX Divisions) for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium storage. Additionally, we are licensed by ICE Futures US for gold and silver security.

Unmatched Security Standards

Our state-of-the-art high-security vaults adhere to the Bank Protection Act and UL standards with automatic re-locking systems, time locks, and dual control procedures. In addition, we deploy metal detectors, multiple alarm and security systems, and robust digital recording to bolster security. This ensures that our clients receive unmatched security services.

We also harness proprietary systems and uphold stringent internal controls to meet Delaware Depository’s banking and brokerage house correspondents.
We perform daily backups of all computer data, securely storing it in both on-site and off-site data vaults. In addition, we continually conduct internal audits of our inventories, and our certified public accountants and insurance brokers conduct annual reviews of our operations. Comprehensive business continuity and information security plans underscore our diligence.

We take pride in our dedicated and experienced staff who undergo rigorous background checks and random drug tests to ensure the highest level of safety and security for our clients.

All-Risk Insurance Coverage

To provide even greater peace of mind to our clients, we maintain $1 billion in “all-risk” insurance coverage through reputable London-based underwriters. This comprehensive coverage includes all conceivable scenarios of physical loss and damage, including mysterious disappearances and unexplained shortages. Additionally, it provides protection against employee dishonesty and theft.
We want to emphasize that this coverage excludes acts of war, terrorism, cyber-attacks, radioactive contamination, and chemical, biological, biochemical, and electromagnetic weapons. For shipments by mail or express carriers, we offer insurance coverage of up to $100,000 per package. We take great pride in our commitment to our clients’ security and are constantly striving to provide the best possible protection for their valuable assets.

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Through our storage transfer arrangements, we fully allocate and manage bullion off-balance sheets, guided solely by our clients’ directives. This ensures exclusive ownership and title holding without lending, pledging, or encumbrance.

Delaware Depository proudly stands as the largest precious metals depository in the United States located outside of New York City.

For inquiries, connect with a Delaware Depository representative at (302) 765-3889.