According the IRS, precious metals invested in your IRA must be held in the possession of a bank or an IRS approved non-bank trustee. Delaware Depository is qualified to store IRA assets.

Delaware Depository is a trust company that fully meets the IRC’s requirements for IRA custody and safekeeping of precious metals. All bullion is fully allocated to the account holder and held off-balance sheet.

The majority of IRA custodians choose Delaware Depository IRA services to securely store their customers’ IRA assets. Bullion held with Delaware Depository has no risk of being considered a distribution or collectible by the IRS. Few depositories have taken the necessary steps to meet this requirement.

IRA Investors

Delaware Depository is a state-chartered trust company and offers benefits of security that exceed most depositories. 

  • Regulated by the banking commissioner thus required to follow strict banking standards and best practices
  • No cash deposits, no loans, checking/savings, or other typical high-risk banking operations
  • Insured through Lloyd’s of London and not reliant on the U.S. government

What does this mean to you?
When your IRA assets are held at Delaware Depository, you benefit from the security and controls of a bank without the risk of relying on a bank. Therefore, your IRA assets are not at risk of being considered a distribution.


By opening an account at Delaware Depository, your customers will avoid shipping costs and delays when buying and selling through their IRA. You’ll also benefit from receiving payment and products faster.  Learn more about IRA services with Delaware Depository’s IRA Gateway.


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