Products – What’s the difference between fungible and non-fungible products?

Delaware Depository stores investment grade bullion coins and bars.  Some of these coins and bars are interchangeable and some are unique in nature.

Fungible bullion comprises products that can be substituted for purposes of shipment or storage.  Fungible bullion products include small bullion coins and bars. Much like a stack of fungible $20 bills, 1-oz. gold bars have unique serial numbers.  Again, like $20 bills, although each bar has a unique serial number, they all have the same value and are interchangeable. 

Non-fungible bullion bars have a combination of four characteristics (weight, fineness, hallmark and serial number) that render each item unique.  Each bar may have a different value than the other bars in the same family because of the differences in weight, purity or hallmark; they are not interchangeable.  No two bars have the same combination of markings.